Honored and humbled


Two years ago, a great painter and long time hiker of Grand Canyon, Derryl Day, passed on to the next life. Derryl often used a unique format upon which to paint.  He would order canvas boards from the Raymar Art Company in Scottsdale. His father, Dean Day, would cut them into this arched format you see above.  Dean, a fine woodworker, would make arched frames to fit the canvases.  Derryl always painted fantastic skies, brilliant sunsets, and stirring sunrises.  The arched form begged to bear beautiful skies and dramatic clouds.  

One day last summer I received an email from Derryl’s sister, Vicky.  She said the family had been considering who might be deserving of Derryl’s canvases and wondered if I might be interested.  After I recovered from my astonishment and dried a few tears, I told her it would be an honor and privilege to have Derryl’s canvases entrusted to me.  I drove to their home in Clarkdale to pick them up and spent hours with Dean and Lota chatting about everything and reminiscing about Derryl.  I now have his canvases stored in my studio, each one waiting to be called upon to bear a landscape that is worthy of their legacy.

The one above shows an eastward view from the South Rim of the Canyon.  Wotan and Vishnu stand on the horizon with the early morning sun cascading down their flanks to the bottom of the Canyon.  Thank you, Derryl.

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